Thursday, November 21, 2019

Goverment & Funding In the State New York Essay

Goverment & Funding In the State New York - Essay Example New York prides itself on having been out front in the move toward universal health care accessibility, yet the state’s sluggish economic climate, a poorly written insurance law and an aging population have conspired to undermine many of the state’s progressive policies, possibly foreshadowing the fate of the Obama administration’s great initiative. To make matters worse, a chronic shortage of nurses threatens the day-to-day delivery of effective health care to an aging population, symptomatic of a national trend that could further hamper the massive reform of America’s health care system. Nevertheless, the research conducted in preparation for this paper yielded information which confirms the need for an overhaul of America’s health care system. New York’s health insurance law, which went into effect nearly 20 years ago, has failed to manage costs and made coverage more difficult to obtain for many in spite of its intent. Research also shows that New York State has among the highest health care costs in the nation. Average costs for individual health plans have tripled since 2001 and, in many parts of the state, individuals can expect to pay as much as $12,000 (Levey, 2010). Coupled with data concerning the nursing shortage, the significance of this research is that it leads to some ominous conclusions about the direction Bridging the Coverage Gap 3 of health care in New York in the absence of a big picture reform initiative. The role of nursing has seldom been more important. In addition to their traditional role as dedicated and caring health care providers, nurses act on behalf of patients and serve as invaluable sources of healthcare information. Nurses and nursing associations in New York, such as the Nursing Students Association of New York, have advocated on behalf of the health care reform movement, helping secure support for the national overhaul in the Empire State. One of the most significant developments ca me recently at the state level, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo took steps to ensure that the 2011-2012 state budget included funding for the Nursing Care Quality Protection Act. This legislation establishes a high degree of transparency between the public and the nursing profession, requiring the disclosure of nursing quality care indicators and staffing ratios. â€Å"Having this important information available to the public, legislators and regulators is critical to evidence-based healthcare reform,† said Tina Gerardi, a spokesperson with the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA). (NYSNA, 2011). The state’s recognition of the role nursing plays in administering health care also extends to education and training. The new state budget provides funding for new nursing programs at the State University of New York and the City University of New York. Perhaps even more significantly, the state will fund loan forgiveness and scholarship programs through 2016. According to the N YSNA, these provisions will encourage nurses to seek further education and training, help ensure that nurses coming into the system are well prepared and, ultimately, help alleviate the nursing shortage problem (NYSNA, 2011). So it appears there is good news and bad concerning the state of health care in New York: on one hand, costs are out of control thanks Bridging the Cove

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