Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Organizational Transparency Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Organizational Transparency - Research Proposal Example The literature review will follow a systematic literature map on organizational transparency. Some of the issues that will be looked at in the literature review include: impact of transparency on effective communication, impact of transparency on performance, impact of transparency on whistleblowing, effect of transparency on trust and cohesiveness, impact of transparency on efficiency and productivity, corporate responsibility contrast of the private sector, corporate codes, and the disadvantages of organizational transparency. Communication is an important aspect in an organization because it contributes towards the nurturing of organization culture and behavior. Griffin and Moorhead (2012), explains that â€Å"communication is the social process in which two parties exchange information and derive meaning† (p. 300). In the organization’s perspective the general realization is that the definition takes even a more complex approach due to the nature and degree of the interpersonal relationships. Communication is usually characterized by three very important aspects. These aspects are: delivering the message, the nature of the message and the perception of the recipient. However, Griffin and Moorhead (2012) outline that for every one of the aspects to be effective transparency should be a key consideration for both the source and the recipient of the message. A study documented by Institute of Public Relations (2010) verified that democracy cannot thrive in any institution when there is lack of information. In the public sector lack of transparency has been a key issue affecting performance and determining the public relations of a company. However, it is very difficult for an organization to promise or even claim transparency when there is lack of effective communication. Government sector institutions have realized that transparency does not only promote good public

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